ferry to morocco See the ancient Medina Fés El Bali, a market where each souk is dedicated to a particular craft, the Mellah, an ancient Jewish Quarter, the Dar Batha Museum which features a spectacular display of fez blue Moroccan See https://www. Jan 18, 2020 · Please use the link to see the full year 2020 ferry schedules for each of the 4 lines. You can either fly into Morocco or take the ferry from a port in Spain to Morocco. Do not forget to have your passport stamped at the police desk during the ferry ride. Are you looking for a specific ferry to/from Morocco? Our overview includes all available ferries to/from Morocco. Try to get in line sooner than later or you might end up having to wait. Practical guide to the Tarifa to Tangiers ferry journey. The ferry routes beetween # :destFrom and Morocco are covered by our partners Africa Morocco Link , Grandi Navi Veloci , Dec 27, 2020 · There are 3 ways to get from Cádiz to Morocco by bus, car ferry, train or car. Should we bypass the ferry from Spain, transiting Tangier, then train to Fez and Marrakech? Woodland Ferry, cable ferry located in western Sussex County, Delaware, spanning the Nanticoke River at Woodland, Delaware, west of the city of Seaford In addition, a private operator runs a ferry across the Current River in Missouri , at Akers Ferry crossing in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways . Our website allows you to compare information about ferry crossings to Morocco from Motril including prices, durations and timetables. When to Buy Your Ferry Ticket? Prices can rise as departure times approaches. Answer 1 of 7: Hi, I am going to Malaga in August and wonder if it is some fast cheep ferry from around Malaga to North Morocco. We’ve always used FRS ferries for our ferry crossings between Spain to Morocco. Tarifa / Tangier, Morocco / Chefchaouen We take the ferry to fabled Tangier, Morocco, set on the Straits of Gibraltar. [Tarifa Jet] Spanish passport control is in the ferry terminal and there is a Moroccan passport control onboard, which is a good time saving idea. I would love to spend a day in Morocco during my trip. Grimaldi Lines leaves from Savona with ferries Morocco that cover the crossing ferries Savona Tangier and make a stop in Barcelona. Low prices, special offers and discount fares. Book now a ferry that will take you to your dream vacation in the name of relax and culture. From prices and availability to skip-the-line options and mobile tickets, get all the information you need to make the most of your trip to Spain. To make this possible, the company will move ro-pax DIAGORAS from its actual route Algeciras -Tanger Med, leaving MORROCO STAR as the sole vessel on the ‘short’ route, until a third vessel can be found. Sometimes, Moroccan drivers will honk to tell you it’s safe to overtake. However, taking the ferry from Spain to Morocco might be a better, faster and more enjoyable option. Jan 18, 2020 · Hi all, new to the forum, been looking at the site on and off for few years but just joined, hoping for some advice regarding Morocco. Take advantage of this exceptional sailing from Spain to Morocco on GRIMALDI LINES’ up-to-date ferries. Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel updates from our ferry partners. Ferry between Algarve and Morocco could set sail soon in Algarve · 26-11-2015 14:31:00 · 0 Comments Abdelghani Ragala, head of the Tangier-Tétouan regional tourism board, said the entity is willing to co-finance the crossing as long as its Portuguese counterpart also shares the costs, to make the operation financially attractive. From Tanger you can connect to travel on with public transports such bus services like CTM and trains ONCF in Morocco. Bordered by Western Sahara and Algeria, it sits directly south of Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar. Ferries to Morocco Morocco is a sovereign country in North Africa with coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. From my hotel, I walked to the pier in 10 minutes. Conventional Ferry from Morocco to Spain. The Main FRS route between Tarifa (Spain) and the buzzing port of Tangier (Morocco) is the shortest seaway between the two continents. Regular car ferries take more travel time from Morocco to Spain but are definitely the most popular and cheapest ones! Checking my maps, I see no ferry link between Faro and Morocco. - Viamare Ltd Oct 15, 2018 · Crossing the Ceuta Border. Travel time approx. There are seven ferry services per day from Algeciras to Tangier. Book a cheap ferry from Sete Ferries Port to Morocco with southernferries. More about Balearia ferry Ferries to Morocco. Jul 18, 2018 · Almeria is the most convenient port for those wishing to travel by ferry to Morocco from the east coast of Spain. It was an awesome experience , we covered a lot of ground. Hi all, Does anyone know of the ferry company or any details to enable me to travel from Spain to Morocco for a couple of days during the first week in December 2006. There are NO FERRIES from anywhere in Portugal to anywhere in Morocco. Most companies have modern and high-speed ferries, with the shortest connection between Spain and Morocco taking just 30 minutes. com/Morocco for times, fares & tickets. Morocco is a sovereign country in North Africa with coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19, our ferry service is currently limited. This is a 48 hour crossing. First, you need to get from wherever you are in Spain – we were in Madrid, because it was a simpler flight from the United States – to Algeciras, where most of the ferries depart (note the word “most. any recommendation to stay on the cheap side for Sep 20, 2019 · The slowest ferries seem to be the Moroccan owned companies but they seem surprisingly difficult to find on a simple internet search. The ferry is an efficient, relatively inexpensive way of traveling between Spain and Morocco. It is estimated that Tarifa now ferries more than a million visitors per year between Spain and Morocco. The standard tour is something like Ferry Algeciras - Ceuta Bus Ceuta - Tetuan Bus Tetuan - Tangiers Nov 24, 2019 · “Travel to Morocco, they said… your gram will be lit, they said”. The round trip will cost you between 40 and 120€ depending on many factors, such as the time of the day you choose to travel. Ask for an extra set for your return as this makes life easier then. Getting from Spain to Morocco is quite easy. Much - even MOST - of the time on this tour is spent sitting: on a bus to the Gib border, on a bus to the ferry, on the ferry, on a bus tour through Tangier, on a bus back to the ferry, on the ferry, on a bus back to the Gib border, and on a bus back to your hotel. You can also get to Tangier Morocco from Tarifa Spain on a high-speed ferry. Here is a site with many of the ferries. 3. Dec 27, 2019 · Tarifa is the most popular ferry route for crossings to Morocco, because it can be the quickest at around 45 minutes. The ferry takes you just about one hour. Booking a ferry to Morocco is simple, easy and safe with AFerry, just use the booking form above to get a price. Ferries to Morocco All the ferry companies on OkFerry! Morocco , the westernmost country in Northern Africa , is a land famous for its natural beauty . We offer daily crossings between Morocco and Spain, with a wide choice of ports, schedules and offers according to your preferences. Morocco is a popular travel destination in large part because of its unique culture. And, with a natural beauty that includes snow-capped mountains, forests of cedar trees, fertile green valleys and all those traditional Berber villages where life carries on as it has done for centuries, Morocco is a holiday destination that satisfies all tastes. Ferries out of Tarifa are daily and much more frequent (than ferries out of Gibraltar) and arrive to Tanger port, in the downtown. Rabat – French authorities banned on Saturday a ferry coming from Morocco from landing in Sete, a major port city in France’s southeastern region of Occitanie, citing COVID-19 concerns Find cheap ferry crossings to and from morocco online with cheap. The only confusing part was the Passport-control card we had to fill out. It's an Arabic country in North Africa that is easily reachable from mainland Europe. That's over 4 hours driving or 8 to 9 hours by bus. 15, every hour. Cars are allowed on most ferries from Italy to Morocco or return, at an additional fee and children usually travel at half price! There are numerous ferry crossings operating from Spain to Morocco. For information about all the ferry routes from Andalucia to Africa, see our ferry page. When you go on the ferry to Morocco, you are about to be introduced to a new part of the world; you leave Europe and enter Africa! Spain Morocco Ferry Come aboard and cross 2 continents from Europe to Africa on the FRS Algeciras Jet. I have requested sinformation on a web site but all it tells me when I try to book is 'Bad Weather' suggesting that ferries may not run at this time of the year. Marrakech in central Morocco is a popular tourist destination, too, but is more popular among tourists interested in getting a taste of Morocco's history and culture and looking for one- and two-day excursions. These are the ferry routes from Andalucia. Naturally, this has also made it a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. Ferry To and From Gibraltar It operates twice a week from Gibarltar to Tangier and is a two-hour (Spain - Morocco - Algeria) Balearia runs ferries between mainland Spain and its cluster of Spanish Islands (the Balearic Islands). Charming ruins, pristine beaches, enchanting palaces, picturesque streets and bustling medinas are all a part of what makes the country so diverse and wonderful to explore. Offers on ferries to Morocco Discounts and reductions on Grimaldi Lines ferry tickets from Italy and Spain to Tangeri. Sete port is located at the heart of the Mediterranean coastline close to shipping routes between Suez and Gibraltar, the port of Sete is the perfect departure point to get to Morocco. Morocco is located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Middle East and just a short flight or ferry ride from Spain. You can select different routes to and from all ferry destinations for both your outward and return trips. In the summer time for instance, this ferry has ~6 rides in each direction starting in the morning and ending in the FERRIES 2020 - All ferries routes tickets and booking on line for Mediterranean Ferries - Italy France Spain Corsica Sardinia Sicily Tunisia Morocco Grece Turkey Albania Yougoslavia Montenegro Croatia Tirrenia Grandi Navi Veloci Gnv Tunis Sicily Croatia Grimaldi Ferries Moby Line Corsica Ferries Sardinia Ferry TTT Lines Snav Croazia Jet Sncm Superfast Anek Lines Minoan Ferry Jadrolinjia Nov 20, 2020 · There’s a lot of honking! When you drive off the ferry and onto the Moroccan roads for the first time, the noise of the car horns might terrify less than confident drivers. This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a hostel, eating in the market stalls and cheap restaurants, limiting your drinking (which is very easy to do here), and using local transportation. Many tourists who visit Spain, also plan a short trip to Morocco, even if they only spend some days in Tangier. Tangier is Not the Best Moroccan City to Visit = Con! Tangier is not the nicest Moroccan city and many that visit never want to set foot in Morocco again. The province of Ceuta in Morocco is actually Spanish. This day trip was our first opportunity to step foot on the African continent, and that alone was enough motivation for the early wakeup call to board the 9:00am FRS Ferry for the day trip from Tarifa to Tangier. Having done that tour myself, I would find it probably impossible to do on your own. Ferries connect Spain to Morocco, and more recently, discount flights offer cheap airfare from the United Kingdom and elsewhere around Europe. You will first have to get to Algeceiras or Tarifa in Spain, which is a journey of some 300 miles. Feb 24, 2020 · Situated on Morocco’s North Atlantic coast, seaside Asilah is popular amongst the tourists and citizens as a hot summer spot. Buy your ticket boat to the Balearic Islands, Morocco and the Canary Islands Cheap Morocco. The view of Morocco’s Atlas mountains from the ferry and approach into Tangier is dramatic, and a beautiful memory you will never forget. . Crossing in 80 minutes Friday: Tangier-Gibraltar 11. Morocco is a land rich in mystery, dotted with fascinating imperial cities, as well as well-known seaside resorts, not forgetting the timeless charm of the Sahara Desert and the majestic Atlas Mountains. Travel to Tangier from Algeciras. Ferries from France to Morocco Marseille to Tanger Med Ferry 1 crossings weekly The ferry from Spain to Spanish enclaves in North Africa of Ceuta and Melilla continues, hower the border to Morocco is closed. (See maps below). All on your next European Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. A popular destination, as an alternative to the usual Gibraltar sights, is a day trip to Tanger in Morocco. FWIW the one day integrated tours are good value, although you have to waste about 40 minutes in a carpet shop. Grandi Navi Veloci operates 1 route, Genoa to Tangier Med which runs 3 times weekly. From Algeciras, I took a day trip to the Roc Sep 20, 2017 · Ferry to Morocco. 30 to 21. Compare ferries from France to Morocco There are 3 ferry routes operating between France and Morocco offering you combined total of 5 sailings per week. If you're travelling in Europe and fancy a trip to Morocco, the ferry from Spain to Morocco is a great, cost-effective option. Does anyone know how I can get a ferry from Tenerife to Morocco? It looks so close but it seems really difficult to find a ferry. Travel differently. We will get off the ferry at the port of Tangier. This was ideal, because the ferries leaving from Algeciras only goes to Tangier Med. If you want more sightseeing and car travel, any ferry might do. DISCOVER MOROCCO. Surrounded by the majestic Rif Mountains, and distinguished by its whitewashed buildings, the city’s historical old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Service is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis, unless you have a reservation. Taking the Ferry From Spain to Morocco. 90 minutes. Also, most passengers prefer to travel by ferry because of the convenience and flexibility it offers! There is a selection of regular ferries running frequently from Italy to Morocco. Ferries from Morocco to the desired arrival or departure ports. To board, you will need to go to the Algeciras Maritime Station, which is located close to the town centre. Can someone give me advice where I can search after or go to and find ferry. The company operates from Tangier in Morocco and Algeciras in Spain. Ferry Spain Morocco Find your cheapest Ferry Spain Morocco on cross-channel-ferry. For some basic information on Ferries to Morocco see the information below, or if you’d like to get a price for your ferry then simply choose a preferred route from the menu! Apr 28, 2017 · Helpful tips for taking the Morocco ferry ride from Spain: Take the Morocco ferry from Tarifa, Spain if you are planning to travel to Tangier Ville (you will see it listed as Tanger on websites, etc. Tangier to Tarifa Ferry. Jan 12, 2020 · One of the ferry companies offered a free 30 minute bus ride to Tarifa to catch the ferry from there. Nov 24, 2019 · “Travel to Morocco, they said… your gram will be lit, they said”. Welcome to Morocco! Moroccan drivers use their car horns for all sorts of reasons. If you are driving down to Algeciras from the north of Spain & needing parking for your car, then you can leave it at Algeciras (20 Km from Tarifa) and catch the ferry coach that is offered for free by the ferry company. Nov 18, 2020 · From northern Spain, you can take a ferry from Barcelona to Tangier Med in 32 hours From Italy, you can take a ferry from Genoa to Tangier Med, via Barcelona. There are multiple operators to choose from and the duration is anywhere from one to two hours. It was made for outdoor adventures, treasure hunting, food tasting and so much more. Booking is incredibly simple. With a group, you are carefully guarded by usually 4 men. (Ha! “just” a ferry ride away…well, not quite. Speeding from Tarifa to Tangier in an hour, the journe Sep 12, 2019 · Getting to Algeciras to catch the ferry to Morocco from Spain. Sleeper cabins are available in this route was preferred. Check the prices and buy the ferry tickets online. Apr 01, 2014 · Algeciras to Tangier Ferry. Book your ferry to Tangier now and set off on a journey of discovery to this fascinating land. The ferry companies that usually operate at the ports of Morocco are Trasmediterranea, Naviera Armas, Balearia, FRS, AML, Intershipping, GNV and Grimaldi Lines. A different ferry – Volcán de Timanfaya – is going to operate from July 7 to September 26. Ferry To and From Gibraltar It operates twice a week from Gibarltar to Tangier and is a two-hour The Tarifa-Tangier ferry route connects Spain with Morocco and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. Leaving Spain was fairly easy and quick, but the reason you want to be in that line early is because once you get on the boat, Moroccan authorities stamp your passport into Morocco on the ship, and that onboard line takes significantly longer. Several ferry providers are available and very frequent connections. This is Vlog #2 of my #Morocco2017 trip from Spain to Morocco. Book your tickets easily and safely on our online system Most Popluar Ferries to get to Morocco. When you go on the ferry to Morocco, you are about to be introduced to a new part of the world; you leave Europe and enter Africa! Dec 06, 2017 · Ferry Service. As mentioned it simply is just a 30 minute ride between Madalena (Pico) and Horta (Faial). Ferry Algeciras – Ceuta and entering Morocco through the Tarajal border crossing. When travelling From mainland Spain you can travel by ferry to Morrocco from Algeciras, Tarifa and Barcelona. Morocco is a Muslim country which follows Islamic laws and customs. Stay on top of Morocco latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera’s fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps. The FRS service runs up to 11 times per day with a sailing duration of around 1 hour while the Inter Shipping service runs up to 36 times per week with a duration from 1 hr. Nov 03, 2020 · The shortest crossing from mainland Spain to Morocco is the ferry route connecting Tarifa with Tangier. HOW TO TRAVEL FROM MOROCCO TO GIBRALTAR VIA SPAIN Tangier to Tarifa Ferry. The ferry ride from Tangier to Algeciras, Spain lasted 30 minutes. I just wondered Jan 29, 2018 · You can find more information about the following ferrys in Direct Ferries: Ferry Málaga – Melilla and entering Morocco through the Beni Ensar border crossing. You will be provided with the necessary visa forms for the entry in Morocco. Morocco is a welcoming destination however there are a few things that must be done in preparing for your trip. Perhaps you are thinking of the very popular tour run by many companies that take tourists across to Tangiers for about 5 hour visit. ) If you are planning to ride the train in Morocco, take the ferry that brings you to Tangier Med (40 km away from Tangier city center) Jul 20, 2018 · Different ferry routes from Spain to Morocco. Ferrysavers makes it simple to book a cheap ferry from Marseille to Corsica, Sardinia, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, or you can compare Marseille ferry crossing prices by route, operator and time using our comparison engine above. Book Morocco ferry tickets to and from Algeciras, Almeria, Barcellona, Ceuta, Genoa, Livorno, Malaga, Melilla, Nador, Sète, Tanger Med, Tanger Ville, Tarifa and Valencia with Acciona, Nautas, FRS, Grandi Navi, Grimaldi Lines, Balearia and Comarit Comanav ferry lines. Choose among the five routes operated by GNV from/to Morocco, and let your trip begin! The online booking system is easy to use and intuitive, and in few clicks you will be able to purchase a ticket taking advantage of the amazing GNV offers to Morocco. Book your ferry Trasmediterránea. Along with a rich culture, Morocco offers plenty of contrast — from beach resorts to bustling desert markets, from jagged mountains to sleepy, mud-brick oasis towns. If you’re planning on visiting Morocco any time soon, I need to let you in on a not-so-sexy secret… this crazy country is much more than a romantic Instagram playground of patterned plates, blue walls and glam camel selfies. Morocco is a truly magical destination that many return to as many times as they can, discovering something new every time. Most travelers who want to visit Morocco can do so without applying for a visa if your trip will not exceed three months. A serological test is no longer required for boarding. Daily service from 08. The Tangier Tarifa ferry route connects Morocco with Spain and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. For further information on that process, please contact the Embassy of Morocco in Washington, D. The head of the regional government also moved the opportunity to recover a program of European cooperation of the Canary Islands-Morocco neighbourhood that contributes financially to strengthen cooperation. Binter is a good idea. Although US dollars and euros are commonly accepted in some tourist areas of major cities in Morocco, the Moroccan Dirham is required for everyday use and in locations Answer 1 of 9: I'm going to Tenerife in early June. Failing Morocco, have you thought about taking in one of the less well known islands like La Palma perhaps? Fez Fez (or Fes) is arguably the most historic of Morocco’s four ’imperial’ cities and a day-long excursion will take you to the highlights of this magnificent city. A list of routes can be found here. Balearia ferries can also take you across the Mediterannean Sea to northern Africa. primarily morning departure times for these From mainland Spain you can travel by ferry to Morrocco from Algeciras, Almeria, Barcelona, Malaga, Motril and Tarifa. You can also get to Tangier from the small port of Tarifa, on the southernmost tip of mainland Spain. . The Tangier-Onancock Ferry runs between Tangier Island and Onancock, Virginia from the first weekend of May to the end of September, and then the first weekend in October. Search for cheap flights from over 600 airlines and top travel agents to secure the best flight prices. You would have to go to mainland Spain first. Travel from Barcelona to Tangier (Marocco). com. Excellent answer. uk, including routes to Nador and Tanger. Or it’s not For Western visitors, Morocco holds an immediate and enduring fascination. Not into travelling solo or alone? Discover Morocco via Intrepid Travel. e. We cover all the routes and you decide which routes you need your ferry tickets to cover. Compare this with the horrendous drive from North of Watford Gap to southern Morocco and back before you board your ferry has got to be approaching self harm. The route between the three eastern most islands has been operating on a trial basis for the last three months, providing an effective transport route for both passengers and Experience the magic of Morocco on a day trip to Tangier from Malaga. Select and Buy Online or call +39 0831 564 257. About Morocco: Morocco is a North African country located just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Gibraltar, with a West coast on the North Atlantic Ocean and a North coast on the Nov 03, 2017 · The Balearia ferry wasn’t quite the floating city that one finds, for example, in the Baltic Sea ferries, but there was a restaurant and bar on board. The ferries Morocco of the company Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) leave from the port of Genoa and make the crossing ferries Genoa Tangier. The simplest way for me to travel from Spain to Tangier is the Algeciras to Port Tanger Med crossing, the 8 am ferry is ideal arriving two hours later in time for the 1100 train from the port to Tangier Ville railway station which is then a twenty minute walk into town. Select the desired route and you will receive detailed information on that route. , or the Moroccan Consulate General in New York . Morocco is located in Northern Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea. In just few steps you can get all the info you need, including the ferry routes, the timetables, the prices and the travel times for the crossings to Morocco from France. This way your holidays will be more flexible and free. ALGECIRAS – CEUTA Daily service from 06. Set amphitheatrically between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, the port of Tangier, also known as Tanger Med, is a bustling harbor on one of the world’s most important waterways. Ferries are out of Gibraltar are limited, aren't daily and arrive to Tanger MED port (i. You can take a ferry from Barcelona to Tangier on Morocco's northwest coast for a leisurely boat ride, but the trip takes over 24 hours. Ferry to Morocco might sail to Casablanca which is the major cruise port in Morocco and has the best-developed tourist market. After a visit to the tumbling streets of the old medina, we drive up to the ancient village of Chefchaouen, strikingly Andalucian in flavor, with its whitewashed lanes. Tangier ferry crossings are operated by FRS, Inter Shipping, Balearia, Trasmediterranea, Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi Lines & AML. Getting on the ferry from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier, Morocco early the next morning was a breeze for the most part. Morocco is a truly delightful country to discover. Morocco Ferry Timetable The ferry timetable for Morocco can be affected by many different factors, such as ferry routes, operators, destinations, and seasonal changes, all of which means that there is not one single ferry timetable. The Algeciras Tangier ferry docks in the Tangier-Med port. Tangier Med is further out from Tangier and would require a 40 minute drive once we land in Morocco. Take a trip from Spain to Morocco Eurail Pass holders get a 30% discount on the following ferry routes: Algeciras - Tanger Med (Morocco) - [Up to 12 crossings daily] Almeria - Nador (Morocco) - [Up to 2 crossings daily] Routes are operated by AML. All our ferry trips to morocco are sourced only from the very best providers offering you cheap prices and great service. Book a ferry from Plymouth to Santander or Bilbao with Direct Ferries. uk currently feature 12 Ferries to Morocco, with 8 Ferry Companies sailing from 8 ports with a choice of up to 4 Ferry destinations in Morocco. Okay folks, it’s PSA time. Compare ferries from Italy to Morocco. From the port in Algeciras, you have up to ten ferry departures per day to travel to Ceuta in total comfort from €30 per person, per journey. Regarding the procedures to cross the border with your vehicle, there are no taxes to be paid when you are on holiday and you will be leaving the country in the same car. It may lie just across the Mediterranean Sea from Spain, but the exotic North African country of Morocco feels like a world away! Your full-day adventure includes a Moroccan lunch with a Berber dance performance, a walking tour of the souk, medina and kasbah, shopping at a Tangier bazaar, and round-trip ferry transfers Jan 02, 2018 · People start queueing for their ferry departure about 45 minutes prior. Book tickets from Barcelona, to Ibiza, Denia, Palma de Mallorca and Ciutadella. Compare Prices and Timetables for all of the Ferries to Morocco departing from Genoa with NetFerry. Fast ferry leaves to Morocco. Morocco London via ferry to Barcelona. Most Popluar Ferries to get to Morocco. The cruise ferry usually sails on Mondays at 23:00, on Wednesdays at 23:00 and on Saturdays at 16:00. Most of its coastline borders the Atlantic, however, with just 200 kilometers or so—from the tip around the Tangier-Tetouan region to the eastern border of Algeria—bordering the Mediterranean. This means an overnight journey on the ferry. Find the top-rated and best-reviewed tours and activities in Tarifa for 2021. Taking the Ferry from Spain to Morocco. Apr 24, 2020 · This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Ferry Tarifa Spain to Tangier Morocco . Morocco's location on the west African coast has made it an important port-of-call for thousands of years. Do you want to reach Tangier in Morocco by ferry with your car, motorbike, van or motorhome and you are looking for a discounted rate? Discover all our ferry lines from Spain to Morocco and from Huelva to Canarias. For cheap flight options, check out easyJet or Ryanair for good deals. 07-05-2019: Ferry to Madeira summer 2019 tickets available for sale! The sale of Portugal <-> Madeira Island ferry tickets has started today. 30 Gibraltar-Tangier 18. There are 2 ferry routes operating between Italy and Morocco offering you combined total of 4 sailings per week. There are also ferries between Almeria Spain and Nador Morocco. uk. There are several trips per day between Tangier and Tarifa. It transports 25 million people every year, according to its official website, placing it among the busiest ferry lines in the United States. Fast ferry takes 40 minutes. Grimaldi Lines operates 1 route, Savona to Tangier Med which runs 1 time weekly. it. Dec 11, 2020 · Morocco is currently looking to create a passenger and freight ferry route to the Canary Islands (Spain) and the Government is seeking proposals from ferry companies to operate the new Morocco-Canaries line. The journey takes around A young country with an old history, Morocco is a photographer's delight and a budget traveler's dream. However, as with any other North African, Muslim country, life in Morocco is very different from that in the West. Book your tickets now for a reasonably priced trip from Barcelona to Tangier. CEUTA – ALGECIRAS. Ferries to Morocco There are over 7 ferry routes connecting Morocco to Spain, France and Italy for freight, HGV and van couriers. You should respect these at all times. I have not visited Morocco since a business trip there in the mid-1980s when I visited Casablanca & Rabat. This will take 35 minutes. Carlos, the ferry booking agent, has become quite a legend in the campervan fraternity and is definitely the go to guy for ferry tickets. Tarifa is geographically closer to Morocco and hence there is a shorter crossing time of about one hour on the high speed ferry to Tanger. However, there is currently only one ferry per day leaving Almeria late at night. Most visits are trouble-free. Algeciras is the main port and serves Ceuta and Tangier. To help us improve GOV. Ceuta is an enclave on the Mediterranean leftover from Spain’s colonization of Morocco. co. - Viamare Ltd May 23, 2012 · The ferry operator Fred Olsen has consolidated its maritime line connecting the islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria and is currently considering a new route between the Canarian archipelago and Morocco. Tour picturesque Rabat, Morocco’s capital, on an MSC Cruises excursion — a city known for its Berberera royal fort, French colonial and Islamic heritage, and historical citadel. Getting around Morocco by train is a great option for all types of travelers. Moroccan border crossings. We guarantee regular connections to Tangier from the ports of Savona and Barcelona, points of departure to travel to a territory rich in history and charm where to discover Moroccan traditions. Lets start with the blue line. Alternatively, you could fly to France, Spain or Gibraltar and pick up a ferry there; or, from Britain or Ireland, you could go all the way by land and sea. Ferries to Morocco. Find cheap return or one-way flights to Morocco from $255 only. Travel to the scenic gems of the Mediterranean: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. There are five ports on the Spanish side (Tarifa, Algeciras, Gibraltar, Malaga, Almeria) and four on the Moroccan side (Tangier, Tangier Med, Ceuta and Melilla), with eight routes connecting them. 00 Nov 08, 2018 · Recently, Morocco has begun allowing Moroccan mothers of children born outside Morocco to petition for their children’s citizenship. Ferries currently connect 5 ports in Spain with 4 ports in Morocco. Mar 03, 2020 · The slowest ferries seem to be the Moroccan owned companies but they seem surprisingly difficult to find on a simple internet search. There you change to the ferry to Morocco. Immigration and passport control-Returning to Morocco from Spain, you will need to go through immigration. One of such useful videos, showing the facilities on Volcán de Timanfaya ferry can be found . , a Washington corporation. Sep 11, 2008 · If you dont wanna fly then the road is your choice, You will have to go thru Gibraltar as the last point in europe before you get to Tangier, and from there take the ferry, it's 6 hours and 30 minutes drive from Lisbon to Gibraltar, and about an hour by ferry from there to Tangier, so if you rent a car will be great if you cant, am pretty sure you will find your way, but just remember, if you Lively, vibrant, colourful; Morocco is the perfect antidote for winter blues! Find the best deals on flights to Morocco from the UK. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Ferry passage remains limited to special operation ferries between Morocco and Sète, France and Genoa, Italy. : far away from downtown Tangier). We will be going to Morocco early Sept , do you guys recommend to book earlier or just show up . Tanger is situated on the most northwesterly point of Morocco, in North Africa, and at only 9 miles away from Costa del Sol, Spain (just a short ferry ride away). Ferries in the Mediterranean, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Tunisia, Malta, Spain, and Morocco. ) We went from Algeciras to Ceuta, crossed the border and then went to Chefchaouen, Morocco. This trip I’d like to focus on Fez & Marrakech. The tour guide (Abdoul) was amazing as he was keen to details on the trip and kept the people pumped up for the next adventure. If we are lucky, we will have the opportunity to see some cetaceans during the journey. Dec 18, 2020 · There are several ferry connections to Morocco, mainly from Spain. Most travellers leave Morocco to Spain and Gibraltar via the city of Tanger. Dec 14, 2020 · The ferry connection has not been restored – and, until last week, there was no talk that it might be. The ferry from Spain to Morocco (and vice versa) can change or be delayed due to bad weather and/or winds; it is always a good idea to reconfirm your reservation. gnv. Apart from the sandy beaches, the city walls covered in colorful murals also make this city one of the top Morocco places to visit! Morocco Vacations and Holidays Reviews "The Morocco tour was terrific. It's cheap, exotic, and easier and more appealing than ever. The simplest way to get to Morocco is, of course, to fly. While there isn’t an extensive network of trains, you’ll find that the majority of tourist destinations in Morocco are well connected. You can do it online or in person at the terminal. Our departure from Seville was a mad dash, but the drive to Algeciras was a breezy 2 hours and we arrived at the ferry booking office (Viajes Normandie - Agence Voyage Ticket Bateaux Tanger) just before dark. Travel by a super speedy ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar. Africa Morocco Link (AML) is about to start a new passenger ferry line from Almeria to Nador, presumably in mid October. Since the total duration of the journey was only 8 hours, I decided not to pay so much extra for a cabin, and instead passed the night comfortably in a seating area with generously reclining seats. Choosing Intershipping is the selection of the essential quality and prices for Ferry. Upon arrival you will meet the driver and the transportation to Tétouan where we will meet our local guide. Note- the ferry from Algeciras to Tangier arrives at the Tangier new port – Tanger-Med about 40 KM, one hour travel time from Tangier. There are 6 ports on the Spanish side (Algeciras, Tarifa, Motril, Almeria, Gibraltar, Barcelona) of the Street of Gibraltar and 6 on the Moroccan side (Tangier, Tangier Med, Ceuta, Melilla, Nador and Al Hoceima). Journey time from Algeciras (Spain) to Tanger-Med (Morocco) is about 1:30 h. Fancy a trip across the Mediterranean to the continent of North Africa? There are many different routes you can take. In this video, I'm based out of Algeciras, Spain. Ferry Roll on Roll Off from Tarifa Spain to Tangier Morocco. Mar 18, 2020 · The shortest crossing from Spain to Morocco by ferry is between either Tarifa and Tangier or Gibraltar and Tangier. Day 1: To check Grandi Navi Veloci's sailing days and times, see www. Don't do this. They were going to start a ferry connection from Fuerteventura to Morocco 2 years ago, but for various reasons, some of them political, it has never got off the ground. Morocco can be a haven for backpackers with hostels costing as little as 5€ and that’s including both food and shelter, but it is important to be aware that the country isn’t as dirt cheap as people assume it is. This is a video guide to the journey from Tangier in Morocco to Madrid in Spain, via the FRS Take an MSC Cruises excursion to the enchanting city of Tetouan, located in Morocco’s Martil Valley. On a backpacker’s budget you’ll pay 400-600 MAD ($40-60 USD) per day. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. From Algeciras, I took a day trip to the Roc Morocco Ferry Ticket Prices & Reservations. There is one basic ferry type for the route from Morocco to Spain: Conventional (regular car ferries). Balearia operates 1 route, Sete to Nador which runs 1 time weekly. Nov 11, 2015 · The Staten Island Ferry is the way most New Yorkers and visitors travel between Manhattan and Staten Island, two of the City's five boroughs. IF you hope to catch the ferry anytime near the correct departure time… please choose the first morning ferries. Latest travel advice for Morocco, including how to stay safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and information on returning to the UK. The borders with Ceuta and Melilla remain closed. There are no ferries because Morocco and the Canaries. Ferries from Morocco to Greece, Morocco – Spain, Morocco – Sicily and more. Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier Ville The Tarifa - Tangier Ville ferry line connects Spain and Morocco in less than one hour, making this the shortest route in the Strait of Gibraltar. However, it tends to take much longer, since these ferries are not known for their punctuality. Ferry Motril – Nador. [2] Together with Blue Star Ferries and Superfast Ferries , AML is a subsidiary company of Attica Group , which is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange . Ferries out of Algeciras are daily and much more frequent and arrive at Tanger MED port too. Grandi Navi Veloci operates 2 routes, Sete to Nador runs 2 times per week & Sete to Tangier Med about 1 time weekly. They have tours that aren’t crowded but limited participants. Visit vibrant Casablanca, Morocco where you can explore the central market, a massive kaleidoscope of colors. Algeciras is a large and busy port, I think the crossings are more frequent but the time to get to Tanger is more like two hours. But as I gave it a miss, and here I share with you, step by step, how to travel from Morocco to Gibraltar via Spain, using bus and ferries. The most popular route from Morocco to Spain is the ferry to Tarifa, Spain, from the city of Tangier in Morocco. service from Gibraltar using a coach to the ferry at Algeciras Bookings Blands Tel 79068 or 77012 Please contact them for full details April 2005 Update FRS offer a service with departure at the moment once a week. Aug 31, 2020 · Backpacking Morocco Suggested Budgets. The France Morocco lines are covered by the maritime company Grandi Navi Veloci who offer 4 weekly sailings, with a maximum duration of 46 hr 30 min and primarily evening Answer 1 of 6: As Madeira is geographically closer to Morocco than to Portugal, can someone tell me if there is a ferry crossing to Morocco. They’re fast, cheap, and a great way to see some of the incredible landscape between cities. We were greeted by huge cheery smiles and given There are NO FERRIES from anywhere in Portugal to anywhere in Morocco. C. Förde Reederei Seetouristik (FRS), based in the North of Germany, is a successful maritime venture that has taken the initiative to develop new business activities beyond home waters. Ceuta is legally Spain, which is why those traveling from the mainland can take a ferry over for about forty euro. Flying is the most direct route, and there are direct flights from Barcelona to Tangier, Marrakesh, Fes, Casablanca, and Nador. Morocco Ferry Ticket Prices & Reservations. Ferries. Our ferry companies routes take you to Nador and Tangier from where you can drive and discover the tourist hotspots of Marrakesh, Fes, Essaouira, Meknes, Dades Valley and many more with ferries leaving from a choice of locations in France, Italy, Gibraltar and Spain to Morocco. Morocco is looking to create a new passenger and freight ferry route to Spain’s Canary Islands, and the Moroccan government is currently seeking proposals from companies to operate the line. Tanger is easier to reach than one may imagine; there is a ferry port in Gibraltar as one option but the crossings only operates on Friday at 22:00 and returns back to Gibraltar from Tanger on Sunday at 19:00. online in advance to enjoy the cheapest available ferry ticket price. Planning on a couple of weeks there next April, ferry to Santander, ride down then obviously ferry over. The standard tour is something like Ferry Algeciras - Ceuta Bus Ceuta - Tetuan Bus Tetuan - Tangiers TARIFA TO TAngiers in MOROCCO FERRY. Nervous about trying the ferry? Below we have included some tips about taking the ferry in order to make your transition smooth. Morocco offers an incredibly diverse range of experiences and our itinerary ideas aim to introduce you to the country's highlights as well as immerse you in its culture and landscape. Once in port in Tangier, we met our guide Aziz Begdouri, whom we found through Rick Steves’ recommendation, and the driver. High-speed ferries make the popular journey from Algeciras, Spain, to Tangier, Morocco Morocco is actually visible from many parts of Spain’s southern coast. From there we will take a fast ferry which will leave us on the African continent in less than an hour, after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. I think this is mostly because Morocco believes those islands should be Moroccan not Spanish. Morocco was not slow in filling it – firstly via the "Green March" of November 1975 Ferry Barcelona Tangier. Thanks Tarifa, the winding city & known for windsurfing, lies across the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco. There are 10 ways to get from Marseille to Morocco by plane, train, bus, ferry, car or car ferry. Both crossings take under 1 hour (incredible right!) and are open to both foot and car passengers. We will likely be visiting Southern Spain just before we go to Morocco. Ferries from Spain to Morroco and Balearic Islands. Sep 19, 2010 · There are ferries from Portsmouth and Plymouth to Spain, and from Spain to Morroco, in which case you just have to drive through Spain, or you could take that one ferry from England to the south of France. The Algeciras Ceuta ferry connects Peninsular Spain with the city in one hour on the Baleària Fast Ferry or in an hour and a half on the Ferry +. Expect to pay around €65 return / €36 one way. Tarifa to Tangier is the best ferry route to Morocco in the congested Strait of Gibraltar. Travelers entering Morocco must present a negative PCR test result dated within 72 hours of departure. The travel time is about 50 hours. The seaside, landscapes and especially the sand dunes of the inner desert will be the protagonists of an unforgettable experience. The nearest sea connections from North Africa are from Morocco to Spain and Tangier to Gibraltar. Tangiers conjures up exotic and misterious images, camels, dusky maidens from Berber tribes. The most common routes arrive in either Tangier or Ceuta from Algeciras or Tarifa in Spain, or from Britain’s Gibraltar. We can arrange treks in the High Atlas Mountains, offer cookery courses in colorful Marrakesh and historic Fez, and know the best traditional riads for an Morocco is a big place, and has lots of great sights for you to explore, let us help you to narrow down your options on where to go. Compare and reserve flight deals and promotions for your trip to Morocco now! Welcome to {{displayDomain}} , a US site operated by Expedia, Inc. Dec 08, 2020 · Pick up a hire car, stay as long as you like then 4 hours back. Your guided tour begins at Place Mechouar Square, built at the end of the 19th century. Almost 700,000 visitors from the UK come to Morocco every year. Aug 31, 2012 · How to get to Chefchaouen, Morocco from Spain? We recently took a trip to Spain and decided to go to Morocco as well, since it’s just a ferry ride away. We compare hundreds of flights from London to Morocco, from all the major airlines and travel agents, showing you where you can fly directly, the flight times for these options and the differences in cost. Especially as there are many flights into Morocco, including a relatively new direct flight from Malaga to Tangier. May 26, 2017 · Day 14 – Ferry to Spain. There are also ferry lines departing from Almería and Motril. See full list on journeybeyondtravel. Discounted prices are valid per person, per single journey. Ferries that go every day to Melilla come from Almeria and Malaga. A few of the questions weren’t clear to us, but a helpful employee was kind enough to explain it. Cars are allowed on most ferries from France to Morocco or return, at an additional fee and children usually travel at half price! Booking a ferry to Morocco is simple, easy and safe with AFerry, just use the booking form above to get a price. There are 8 ferry companies embracing the Alboran sea from Spain to Morocco like FRS, Balearia, Grimaldi Lines, Transmediterranea,窶・Intershipping… Tip 5. Advantages of Taking the Ferry Between […] This is a bad idea. Save Share Be the first one to rate! Submit Review If you think Morocco is one of those countries where transportation and traveling around in general is; a) difficult or b) expensive or c) dangerous, I’m going to stop you right there and tell you you’re incorrect. seat61. " Interestingly, I have a friend who is a high ranking officer in the Guardia Civil, he too is not happy at the new ferry proposal. The boat ride takes approximately one hour each way. Though just an hour’s ride on the ferry from Spain, it seems very far from Europe, with a culture that is almost wholly unfamiliar. Tangier ferries connect Morocco with Spain, Italy & France with crossings available to Tarifa, Algeciras, Malaga & Barcelona (in Spain), Genoa & Savona (in Italy) & Sete (in France). Fuerteventura Island is approx 100 km (~60 mi) off Morocco’s Atlantic Coast. A ferry between Algeciras and Ceuta takes 40 minutes, and less than 2 hours to get to Tangier. A) Blue Line. marbella to morocco - what to expect. You can take the ferry from Tarifa Port with one of two ferry companies: FRS and Intershipping, either with a car or as a foot passenger. On board ferries to Morocco Grimaldi Lines you can reach the port of Tangier in comfort and fun. There is also a water crossing from Portugal to Spain on a car ferry on the Rio Guadiana from Vila Real de Santo Antonio to Ayamonte. Africa Morocco Link (AML) is a company in Morocco, founded in 2016, which operates at least 2 ferries. Also, most passengers prefer to travel by ferry because of the convenience and flexibility it offers! There is a selection of regular ferries running frequently from Sete to Morocco. It is best to buy ferry tickets from the port complex at Algeciras. Lonely Planet - Travelers heading to the Canaries could go from Morocco © Stian Klo / Lonely Planet Morocco is looking to create a new passenger and freight ferry Book a cheap ferry from Sete Ferries Port to Morocco with southernferries. In fact, many things in Morocco are more expensive than in Europe, especially when it comes to alcohol, electronics, and cars. With numerous ferry companies operating crossings to and from France, destinations include the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands, Corsica, Sardinia and North Africa. Exploring Tangier Ferries. Find cheap ferry tickets and special offers and book online with Viamare Ltd. Mar 10, 2009 · The ferry from Tarifa to Tangier is run by FRS and takes just under one hour. Ferries departing from Tarifa with the destination of Morocco are the only ones that reach the port of the city of Tangier rather than Tanger Med, which is located 40 minutes away from Tangier. 8 out of 5 stars based on 117 reviews Ferries from France to Morocco Sète to Nador Ferry Car Ferry to Morocco If you would like to discover Morocco with your own car, you can easily take it on our FRS ferries. From Tanger-Med (the harbour) you have an hourly free (06:00-22:00 h, if you can show your ferry ticket) bus to Tanger-Ville, the main train station of Tangier. UK, we’d like to know more Jun 19, 2017 · Many ferry companies operate between Morocco and various ports in Europe. 2. It has a number of ports along its Mediterranean coastline, offering frequent sailings to popular cities in southern Europe. The Motril Morocco lines are covered by the operator Naviera Armas who make 2 weekly sailings available with travel times ranging bewteen 5 hours and 5 hours. 00 to Morocco is a great a departure point for a wide range of international destinations by ferry. com Nov 23, 2020 · You can easily travel by ferry from the north of Morocco to the ports of Andalusia and Barcelona in Spain, as well as to the south of France and northern Italy. Normal ferry takes an hour and a half. ” The Algeciras Tangier ferry departs four times a day and travels from one side of the Strait of Gibraltar to the other in an hour and a half. Morocco is reachable from France (Sete), Italy (Genoa, Livorno and Savona) and Spain (Algeciras, Almeria, Barcelona and Motril). Answer 1 of 15: I am planning a trip in September/October this year to Morocco and would at the same time love to do a ferry trip from one of the ports in Morocco to Spain albeit only to stay for a night or two in Spain. ferry to morocco

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