[HERTZ] Interactive installation Residence ARTICHOKE – Artistic collisions

Hertz proposes a reflection on the role of FM radio as a means of communication, allowing viewers to operate on this omnipresent signal through a series of digital processes. To achieve this, a wooden structure was built containing two radios and a series of control devices based on Arduino. Through these controls, users can tune into different stations and modify the sound obtained. The sound of the work is reproduced through an ambisonics quadraphony.

Hertz. Artistic Collisions, La Fábrica, 2015.

Authors :Fluo, Nicolás Melmann, Fabián Sguiglia

Work Team : Fernando Daguanno, electronics production.

With the support of the Temporal Systems and Spatial Synthesis in Sound Art Program (UNQ).

Commissioned by Artichoke/Artistic Collisions (Cynar/TRImarchi).

supported by: