Huerta Hipermedial

[Huerta Hipermedial] INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION / BIENAL KOSICE (Daguanno, Melmann, Sguiglia)

Huerta Hipermedial is an interactive installation that articulates an automated hydroponic garden with a sound, that is constructed in real-time from the movements of a spectator, captured by two Kinect depth cameras. The sound of this installation was composed of the manipulation of field recordings made in the Amazon Rainforest, and reproduced through a binaural reconstruction of a second-order three-dimensional Ambisonics system. Huerta Hipermedial has been exhibited in the CC Borges, obtaining a selection in the prize of the third International Biennial Kosice, and in November of the same year in the CC San Martín, invited by the curators of the festival Noviembre Electronico.

Huerta Hipermedial, fragments, stereo capture

Authors: Fernando Daguanno, Nicolás Melmann, Fabián Sguiglia

Work Team
Garden and editing: Analía Girardi Barreau, Jimena Califa, Analía Girardi Barreau, Fernando Vargas Viviani, Carolina García Ruggiero

Electronics: Sebastián Daguanno, David Maisterra

Production company: China Rossenblum

Bamboo Guazú, Base 3, EN Landscaping, Intek Electronics

With the support of the Spatial Sound Synthesis Project (UNQ) and Neti Makerspace

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