Nicolas Melmann has carried out educational activities around new music and sound art for participants of different ages in different parts of the world, trying to stimulate creativity and helping to develop alternative ways of approaching sound from its perception and creation, working with new technologies and concepts trying to raise awareness about our sound environment and its social and artistic implications.

ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie – Karlsruhe – Germany

Workshop with art students from different institutions in the region of Baden Württemberg (Germany) on sound art and new music focused on new aesthetics and creative tools for the composition of sound works.

Garrison Institute, Sound Art Workshop – New York, USA 2018

The workshop on sound art oriented deep listening, stimulating sound perception, and providing creative tools for a new approach to our sound environment, during the workshop showed different approaches to the aesthetics of sound art, and theoretical concepts were offered later sound walks were made in the former monastery of the Garrison Institute and through the Hudson Valley forest.

Workshop of Music and Sound Design – Ohana: Arte y Pedagogía Escola de Vida – Barcelona 2019

Music plays a fundamental role in communicating an idea and/or an artistic project, from advertising music in all its variables to video games, including dance, cinema, television, apps, etc. Musical composition and sound design comprise a vast working field where communication and the mastery of the necessary tools and concepts play a fundamental role in carrying out a successful artistic, working and commercial project.

This theoretical and practical workshop is aimed at those who wish to enter the world of music and sound.

CMMAS – Centro para la música y el are sonoro – Morelia, Mexico 2017

Workshop on sound art and new music for children from disadvantaged areas of the province of Morelia (Mexico) at CMMAS, the workshop consisted in transmitting to children theoretical, aesthetic and practical work tools around music and new technologies stimulating creativity for vulnerable children in the area of Morelia. + INFO

Design Week – Milano Sound Design & Aesthetics 2018

Sound design workshop & concert during Milano Design Week focused on new aesthetics and creative tools for the composition of sound works.

Music & Technology workshop – gallery SOAP // Kitakyushu (JAPAN)

Workshop showing different tools to compose and carry out a live performance, how to integrate acoustic elements with electronics in a performance.

Fundación Telefónica – Lima – Perú – Introducción práctica al relato sonoro 

The workshop consisted in an approach from practice to the Sound Story as an aesthetic in constant experimentation and development, discussing concepts and strategies of composition in order that each participant creates a micro piece / sound collage, using audio recordings made by themselves implementing simple guidelines to structure the work, using basic musical forms for the composition. The idea is that participants work with audio as a plastic material, so they cut, paste, retrograde, modify using editing tools, re meaning and appropriating the materials, creating a new sound composition. + INFO

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