Sons Divins

Sound has played a fundamental role in religious worship and spiritual life along the history, ritual and discourse (the word) are the faith propagation device per excellence . The installation investigates through sound recordings made in temples of different religious cults around the world, the convergences and divergences, the particularities and discursivities of religion through sound. Re signifying and thus dialoguing with the very space of the Convent of San Agustí whose architecture (like that of all temples) was expressly designed to propagate, refract, project and amplify discourse and liturgy.

Sons Divins was presented in multi-channel sound installation format at the Convent de San Agustí (Barcelona) in the Sound Art exhibition «A Silent Way» and at the CCCB – Centro de Cultura Contemporánea (Barcelona) during the Zeppelin festival of sound art.


Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow and St. Petersburg)

Shabbat Ceremony – Jabad (Barcelona)

Buddhist temples (Kyoto, Tokyo, Shaghai, Beijing)

Senseist Temples (Kyoto, Nara)

Catholic Church (Cordoba – Arg, Barcelona, Verona, Venice, London)

Mosque (Casablanca)

Pentecostal Gospel Church (New York)

Baptist Church (New York)

Eglise Evangelique Chretienne of Brooklyn (Evangelica Haitiana Church – NY)