Red Bull Music Academy – What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music Documentary

Excerpt from the documentary What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music, about the Red Bull Music Academy in New York where Melmann was a student, perfect plan to face the quarantine

A Mindpirates production
Directed by Ralf Schmerberg

Here´s Melmann at the official poster of Red Bull Music Academy – What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music

What Difference Does It Make? is a feature film about when a person decides to become a musician, about everything that they’re going to encounter in their life and the journey they embark on. The film features many groundbreaking musicians such as Brian Eno, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Giorgio Moroder, James Murphy, Debbie Harry, Egyptian Lover, Stephen O’Malley and many more. The Red Bull Music Academy is one of the frameworks of the film – a world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals that every year hosts fifty of the most forward-thinking young musicians in a different city. The story follows the young participants of the 2013 session in New York as they arrive in the Big Apple, work together and discover the rich possibilities of being a musician today. The city of New York provides a fascinating setting for their explorations, for the trials and tribulations that come with the decision to boldly live out one’s dream.

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Melmann Cantos Tempranos – New Project

Presentation of #cantostempranos at @imagincafe a project that rescues #communitarian and #spontaneous ways of making music, ancient sounds where music fulfilled a social function and emerged spontaneously, as a way of sharing , horizontally, devoid of ego and spirit of transcendence,  rural and peasant music, working with archival materials from ethnomusicologists from various sources and trying to bring these sounds to the present … thanks to the #imagincafe team for this beautiful work, we will soon return to the road ….

MELMANN – Early Chants new set

Melmann explore the intersections between ethnic sounds and electronic music, from Inuit throat singing to Mexican mushrooms ceremonies, from Ibiza old Rural music to break beats the music creates hypnotic and organic textures while the repetitive rhythm push you to dance

MELMANN – Cantos Tempranos